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Spencer's Onyx medallion encased in Margo's signature Sterling Silver setting, with the von Aroldingen Crest at the center, is a bold and stylish coat of arms that represents courage, beauty, and honor. 


Karin von Aroldingen was a legendary Balanchine ballerina who was renowned for her talent and artistry. Balanchine was a famous choreographer who co-founded the New York City Ballet and is considered one of the most influential figures in the history of ballet. Being a Balanchine ballerina is a significant achievement in the world of dance, and it speaks too Karin's exceptional skill and dedication.


The bold silver adjustable chain adds to the overall aesthetic of the piece, allowing it to be worn at varying lengths including on its own. The Labradorite cabochon tear at the end is an interesting touch, providing a contrasting color and texture to the shiny silver and black Onyx medallion and enhancer. Labradorite is a beautiful gemstone known for its iridescence, which adds to the uniqueness of this piece.


Karin was the mother of Margo and the grandmother of Spencer. A remarkable and talented woman who has made significant contributions to the world of ballet. It's clear that her legacy as a dancer and muse has been passed down through her family, and her influence has played a role in their own artistic endeavors.


This Medallion Crest is striking and meaningful piece of jewelry that would be a prized meaningful possession for anyone who wears it.


Medallion measures 2.25 inches from top of enhancer 1.75 inches wide 
Chain is 19inches long and .25 inches thick and can be adjusted at any length


*this piece is fully customizable from the center Crest center, the chain, the length even the end of the chain

Onyx Crest

  • This piece is made to order and can be fully customized from center of medallion crest to the chain and details. 

    Please allow 6-8weeks for delivery as everything is made order.

    Looking forward to creating the perfect piece just for you.

    Thank you


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